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I Won a 5000 Word Critique!

On Tuesday August 23 I won a 5,000 word critique from Karen Elliott.  The rules to the contest was simple make a comment by noon (central time) on Monday, August 22 on Karen’s Blog and you will be entered in the drawing.

Karen Elliott provides professional proofreading and copy editing service and her contact information can be found on her blog.

I decided to submit the first 5,000 words from The Enchanted Locket Manuscript.  The Enchanted Locket is an adult mystery, co-authored with Jennifer E. McFadden.

Writing Fiction

I enjoy learning how to write fiction, and reading through my old, rougher versions of my writing was a wealth of inspiration recently.

A few nights ago I opened an old version that I kept on my small lap top and found one of my original drafts of The Enchanted Locket. After reading it, I realized that I could use some of it for one of the main ghost characters to be four-dimensional.

Jennifer McFadden (my co-author) and I wrote about three chapters about Emma, our young ghost, and her perspective on the everything before we went back to the original plot. Reading through the chapters I wrote with Emma and then weaving in just enough of her information to further the plot has been a wonderful writing experience that has enriched the plot.

I’m also learning about writing my characters’ emotions so they read as authentic, which is not as easy I thought.