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After The Storm

The official release date for After the Storm is set for January 3, 2012. The release date is only a date set by distributors and wholesalers to make sure the book is in place for ordering on all available sites and bookstores.On the release date, my book can be ordered at any major bookstores, and that is the date when I begin the initial marketing efforts for my book.  However, you can purchase an advanced copy of my book by clicking on this link.

Final Proof

Today, my graphic designer Christina Hicks finished up the final proof on the book layout design for After the Storm: Poetry That Refreshes the Soul.  The final proof should  arrive at my door step by next week.  I am given thirty days to check for errors and formatting issues with the poems in the book. After, this Christina will send the book to the printer and distribute the book to retailers.

Poem “I Promise Love”

I Promise Love

I’ve never had the chance
To hold you in the morning rain
To run my fingers through your hair
Or talk to you till the sun comes up

An illusion of my mind
But my heart still pushes along
Someday I hope to see you
And never let you go

No matter what obstacles I may encounter
No matter how many tears I may shed
I will see you
And hold you
Forever, until the end


I find creating a character that readers will care about is one of the most difficult task to do as a writer.  My biggest concern is what about this character causes a reader to turn the page and find out what happens next. If you don’t like or dislike my character, why would you keep reading?

The how to write fiction books suggest establishing the characters. Are they happy, sad, mad, good, evil, etc. which can be done in as little as the first paragraph, and then begin the problem or conflict that he/she reacts to. Yet this is harder than it sounds….

Do you have trouble introducing a character that readers want to know more about? If not, what’s your method?

Amazon Author Tips

CNET February 2009 article Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know by Executive Editor David Carnoy lists tips and tricks in self publishing a book. 

An easy trick for authors to promote their book is to maximize the tools on Amazon.com website.  David Carnoy states “I’m a little bit surprised by how neglectful some self-published authors are when it comes to their Amazon product pages. I’ve talked to self-published authors who spend a few thousand dollars on a publicist and their Amazon product page looks woeful–and they’ve barely even looked at it. I ask, “Where are people going to buy your book?” They don’t seem to realize how important Amazon is. True, some people market through a Web site or buy Google keywords to drive traffic there. But you need to have your Amazon page look as good as possible and take advantage of the “tools” Amazon has to help you surface your book (“Tags,” Listmania, reader reviews, etc.). It may not have a major impact, but it’s better than doing nothing.”

To create your profile on Amazon go to https://authorcentral.amazon.com/ .  In authorcentral you can upload trailer videos, blog RSS feeds, author pictures and information about the author.  Once, you complete the process on authorcentral Amazon will approve your profile within seven days.  This profile will appear on your book site on amazon.  You can check out my book for reference “A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul”

Another key feature on Amazon is the affiliate program.  The link is https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/.  With the affiliate program you can add banners, widgets,  “Astore” on your website or blog.  The best part you get paid for this feature!

Here is a widget I was able to install on my author website

The final suggestion is to add tags for your book on the Amazon website. Tags associate with your book.  Amazon website states “think of a tag as a keyword or category label. Tags can both help you find items on the Amazon site as well as provide an easy way for you to “remember” and classify items for later recall.”

Best Wishes,

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